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The first ERP/URP web3 software solution

Building an intuitive user experience on decentralized and centralized solutions with blockchain integration.

These are the mains definitioins of our erp/urp system



ERP stands for Enterprice Resource Planning, where companies can manage their operatory such us accounts payable/receivable, taxes, tresury, assets, among others. And in our case with blockchain integration or not.


URP stands for User Resource Planning, where users can govern their digital assets, multi wallet automatic reconciliation, basic accountancy, cost and net worth... among others.



Multi General Ledger Accountancy

You will be able to extend your main Ledger to others, and have maximum control over your company decisions.

Multi user/module integration

With multi user role management you can make your company more agile and keep control of the sub-modules. And with multi-module integration you can interact with different parts of your organization and keep track of the procceses, accountancy and costs.



Exchange API Management

You can have knowldge of your CEX crypto operations on your main crypto Exchanges and integrate/reconcialiate them automatically on your acountancy.

DAO management

We offer a reliable and simple system so DAOs (Decentralized Autonomus Organizations) can manage their governance process and operate financially decentralized with the tooling and infrastructure we provide.